I remember as a kid, as the other kids were pretending to be their favorite heroes and superstars, I would imagine and draw up my own heroes and characters. Since childhood, my passion was always in creativity.

Many years later, I followed my passion and made a career out of being a creative mind – a graphic designer. In my experience as a graphic designer, I’ve told many stories through art, including my own. This portfolio is a sampling of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on throughout my career as a graphic designer, starting with my academic career.

I approach all projects with my entire toolkit of experience, making things look good. Every year passed is another year honing my craft, communication, and expertise which I apply to every piece of creative I touch. My professionalism is only rivaled by my positivity, where no matter how large the endeavor, I maintain a level head.

This is a curated collection of my works, welcome and thank you for stopping by.

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